Adult Therapy

Individual Therapy & Group Therapy Available for Adults in Our Richardson, TX Offices

Many adults in today’s fast-paced world face challenges in life and could benefit from professional counseling. Between careers, relationships, raising children and taking care of aging parents, it is often a struggle to stay emotionally and mentally healthy. Sometimes a new health diagnosis, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or a new empty nest can be enough to throw lives into a tailspin. Therapy provides support and assistance in improving emotional well-being.

Individual therapy provides a safe place for people to discuss their feelings without fear of judgment. A therapist also assists in developing an individual treatment plan which focuses on the most pertinent issues of the client. As skills are developed and successfully utilized, treatment plans change and evolve. By encouraging people to set and obtain their goals, therapists assist individuals in improving their self-confidence, resiliency, and overall mental health. Hopefully, clients will discover a variety of tools that can assist them and help prepare them for challenges that arise in the future.

Group therapy can also be very beneficial for adults, providing a place where they can share their challenges and learn from each other while having a professional counselor assist them. Most groups cover a common theme such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.