Adolescent Therapy

Individual Treatment of Teenagers 12-18 Years of Age in Our Richardson, TX Offices

Adolescence is a time of physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual change. Today’s adolescents face some pretty daunting challenges and most could benefit from professional counseling. With technology and social media, adolescents are subjected to a constant barrage of images, words, and information that can be overwhelming and anxiety producing. Many actions and decisions that young people make today will affect them for years to come and that is why it is so important to provide them with tools to help them throughout their life. Adolescent therapy sessions equip teenagers with a host of valuable tools, while practicing stress management, problem solving, decision making, self-care, coping with change, discovering core beliefs and values, developing strengths, raising self-esteem, dealing with conflict, and getting through grief are all so beneficial in life.

Individual therapy provides a safe place for young people to discuss their feelings without fear of judgment. A therapist also assists in developing an individual treatment plan which addresses the most pertinent issues of the client. As skills are developed and successfully utilized, treatment plans will change and evolve. As goals are set and reached, tools are added to the individual’s toolbox.

Group therapy can also be very beneficial for adolescents, providing a place where they can share their challenges and learn from each other while having a professional counselor assist them.

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